For ten glorious years EYCH2* a advertising and marketing agency in Reston has been providing clients with fresh concepts and out-of-the-box designs. An environmentally aware company, we constantly strive to not only provide our clients with the best design for their dollar, but to do so in an eco-friendly way. We deliver a wide range of quality services from advertising and branding to emerging technologies, including web design and graphic design.

EYCH2’s dedication to sustainable branding is evident in our choice of media as well as business practices. Because our clients can be found across the globe, our main method of communication with them is digital** –this keeps our carbon footprint, as well as our fees, small. We also carefully select materials to incorporate recycled or locally sourced media wherever possible.*** ****

EYCH2 works with a variety of different company types. From the entertainment, pharmaceutical, and financial sectors to travel, wellness and retail, we’ve toiled across the country and across the globe. Our focus is doing right by our clients, wherever they may be.

So come with us! No we’re not talking about some whirlwind cross-country road trip. We like to think that design is a big fun adventure and we make great travelin’ buddies. We’re the Bert to your Ernie, the Chewbacca to your Han Solo*****. At Eych2 the roots of our success are the lasting partnerships we create with our clients. When you succeed, we do too. So come on partner/ pal, let’s go on an adventure…

* Sorry, it has been a whole decade. That’s 3 x longer than the lifespan of your average domesticated hamster. It’s two bachelors and a masters degree. It’s watching the original Star Wars trilogy over 13,555 times!

** Please remember that the camera does, in fact, add 10 lbs.

*** That’s not to say that our papers are any less smokin’ hot than our competitors who ship their stuff from overseas instead of just across county lines. To imply that our designs suffer because we happen to care about our environment and local business is an insult to our corporate integrity and we will not stand for it. Hmph.

**** We’d like to apologize for the haughty nature of the previous footnote.

*****Only slightly less furry and with slightly less excellent vocal skills


Eych2 has won several prestigious American Graphic Design Awards, (one of the world’s largest design competitions), including two in 2010 for its work on the Paul Wharton Style website and the SharperCut Landscapes rebranding project. In 2009, the company won yet another award for the creation a green graphic design for Ecocentric Energy Solutions.








Norman Barrington Harley, (yes! For real!) has been in the forefront of the design field for more than 20 years. The founder of Terragenesis –now Eych2- graduated from the International Fine Arts College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and one heck of a tan. In addition to running the company, he has also been its creative director since 2001. Barry oversees projects ranging from branding collateral and web design to e-commerce and web presence. He worked with the M Group Architects outside DC to refine their brand and successfully launch their new website. He has also applied his expertise in graphic design and web design for Pope Entertainment out of Miami.
On top of Barry’s already incredible success with print and motion picture media. Barrington has incredible (read: insanely expensive) taste in cologne and a penchant for imported bespoke suits. He continues to challenge himself with new and varying types of clientele, and to produce exceptional, award-winning design.

Matthew is responsible for directing the company’s strategic growth and expansion, acquisitions, and business development. Matthew  served as an independent web development and data analyst consultant to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Geneva, Switzerland; the worlds largest humanitarian organization. Prior to that, he accumulated key leadership experience with the largest outsource provider in the Caribbean.

Matthew stands behind the philosophy that companies are looking for ways to become more efficient, more productive and highly competitive. The art to the success of a great company is smart and green technology that can positively change business models and the society.

Julie is a graduate of Edna Manley School of Visual Arts and obtained a Certificate in Supervisory Management from the Institute of Management Production -both in Jamaica. Therefore, it’s fair to say that Julie spent her youth applying gallons of sunblock and wearing wide brimmed hats.

With more than 24 years of experience in pre-press technology in offset, digital and graphic design, she is a veritable pre-press technician guru.

Julie’s portfolio includes work from both international and local clients such as Open House Magazine, Sharpercut, South Beach Style and famed fashion stylist and TV personality, Paul Wharton.  She is the recipient of an American Graphic Design Awards for rebranding, logo design and web site design.  Julie is hell-bent on providing nothing but the best quality possible for her clients.  She also makes a mean lychee-tini.