5 Graphic Design Trends for 2016

Graphic design trends who really knows.

It’s April already why I am posting this now,  well it has given me some time to survey the graphic design trends and see what’s been working and whats not. Some these graphic design trends that will slow down and some are moving targets. Looking at what is currently happening and figuring out if that will continue is not always easy. I think it is best guess situation.

Here are a few of the graphic design trends that I find interesting. They may not be your top 5.

Material Design

Via Manual

Well Google you came out with a bang with this design or visual language which is sometimes called “Flat 2.0”. The personality of this design trend is seen in the bold colors, large scale typography and light and shadow effects.

Via Manual
Via Helbak

Retro Modern Fusion

This trend is a through back to 80s and 90s, kind of reminiscent of the old video games. Strong colors, pixel illustrations. The patterns and geometric designs are some what whimsical.

Via Leavingstone

Geometric Shapes

graphic design trends
Via Melissa Baillache

Modular and Infinite scrolling

This will means that each module on a website may scroll independently of the other. Pretty cool. The data shows it keeps users engaged.

Which graphic design trends do you think will last or which ones excite you?

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