We are Frank’s biggest fans- Graphic Design and Branding

Want your

graphic design

 and branding project to stay on-time, under budget, and on-target?

We do, too. How do we accomplish this? Frank relationships with our clients. Honest communication, that’s free of mitigated speech, is our biggest ally. With open communication and an eye on the prize—Frank is the man who keeps us on track:

Brand Strategy

In our graphic design, branding brief. This document lays out why the project is necessary, who your audience is, strategies, objectives, demographics. It takes a very scientific approach so that your goals will be met. Frank is the defender of the design brief. Sure, he can be flexible, but not when it deters from your goals. 

When there are lots of opinions. Frank loves feedback, yet he sees each opinion objectively through goal-tinted glasses. For example, if varied opinions are veering your design away from the goal-meeting strategy, he puts his foot down. 

If the timeline is slipping. He knows how important timelines are. He wants to keep your project on-track and on-budget, so he has an eagle-eye on deadlines.  

We know you have lots of stakeholders. We know they all have opinions and you have to make them all happy. Our experience tells us: Everybody is happy when goals are met.

At EYCH2, we want you to be Frank with us—and we will always be Frank with you. 

Need to navigate the graphic design process efficiently? Let’s talk—and we’ll invite Frank to the meeting.


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