Designer Profile – Hannah Hudson

Hannah Hudson

This is the third in the series of profiles and discussions from the metro D.C. area about graphic design.

I grow up internationally I was born in Ethiopia and raised in the East Coast of the USA and Asia. I kind of have an international flare in a sense, I was home schooled for most of my growing up years so I didn’t really receive a artistic background like education our schooling. I went to an international school last two years of high school and really loved it, loved taking art classes and then I went to University of Arkansas and then I had an internship to summer in DC.

The whole idea of inspiration I don’t necessarily see that direct correlation in my work, I do have a quirky like flare or artistic flair and that could be a result of me seeing a lot of hand made paintings and crafts in night markets and tribal art work.

Hanna: I learnt the process from my professors in school and a little bit since then things and I picked up a few things from Ellen Lupton, I have been to some of her talks and webinars. That is basically because I have had to work hard at it because it does not come naturally to me, I have to study.

First off ideas ideas ideas you have to put everything down in writing, everything, does not matter how crazy it is because you have to get it out of your head.
Then refining the design down, get critiques and refine ii some more. Sometimes for the ideas I use things link Pinterest or I go for a walk because there are so much interesting design and patterns in nature.

Be the must interesting person you can be, you have to have as many experiences as you can because everything that you learn in life can only make your designs better.

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