Is your website converting visitors into customers?

How successful is your website at converting visitors into clients? If you’re not sure, or wish your site was doing a better job, read this feature article in Website Magazine’s September issue (link). Eych2’s Creative Director, Barry Harley, was part of the expert team of CEOs, CTOs, creative directors and marketers to share their insights about today’s state of obtaining more and better conversions on the ‘Net. – Click on the cover image to read the article (Large PDF).

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September Website Magazine
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Get the Answers to these questions.
QUESTION: Consumers make decisions on whether to shop with a brand in milliseconds, proving image truly is everything. What website design elements prevent conversions in the e-commerce space? –  See more at: Website Magazine

QUESTION: Shoppers are seeking more intimate and individualized buying experiences. What personalization strategies exist and how can they help retailers increase conversions? –  See more at: Website Magazine

QUESTION: The content economy is in a state of flux and finding revenue is proving increasingly difficult for many, from bloggers and newspapers to magazines and books. What are the biggest conversions challenges affecting information publishers today? – See more at: Website Magazine

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